Chilly for Chili

This weekend is supposed to be very chilly.  After receiving buckets of snow and rain all in the same day we are now going to freeze and so is the fallen precipitation.  Nothing goes better on cold day than a piping bowl of chili.

I was surfing the Internet for a new recipe for chili because I do not think that I want to use my old standby.  I came across multiple recipes for chicken chili.  I have never had chicken chili but it sounds delicious!  Many of these recipes call for corn in it which makes it even more hearty and yummy.  Currently, I am undecided on whether I am going to use water, chicken broth or cream of chicken soup as a base.  I really think water will be too bland and cream of chicken soup too creamy therefore I guess my only option will be the chicken broth.

The best part of both recipes is that the whole thing goes into my crock pot.  I love my crock pot.  Have to throw all the ingredients in and leave it for the day!

slow cooker

Chile In A Crock Pot

Free Shipping

Knowing that there is Free Shipping being offered can make or break my decision on whether or not to actually purchase something online. I have done must of my Christmas shopping on the computer this year and I have not paid a dime for shipping and/or handling. I work hard for my money and I just can’t afford to throw my money around, especially since this year money has been tighter than usual. I am working as many part time jobs as possible. I seem to be always running somewhere to do something for somebody and it isn’t paying enough for what I need to have.

shipping, free charge

Free Shipping, The Only Way To Go!

Black Friday

Today was the so called Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. It is called the biggest sale day of year, I have never went out shopping on Black Friday, I do not like huge crowds and hate the rudeness of the people on this kind of a day. I saw one report of a Wal-mart employee killed by a stampeding crowd in New York. I would hate to think how those people would act if it was an emergency or a natural disaster. Makes me want to stay in my house with my dogs with the door locked.

Gift Cards

Last year was such a great holiday season for the family. I can only pray that this year works out just as well. The martin guitar that I got for my kid sister that I am not sure what to get her this year that will thrill and delight her just as much. I have been thinking that she might like a gift card so that she can buy some type of accessory for her guitar. Gift cards are a great option. If it was up to me I would give everyone a gift card and be done with it all with one full swoop.

Leaf Peeping

It’s that time of year to view beautiful fall leaves.  I like to take a fall foliage trip every year.  I have not yet decided where I would like to go but it will be in New England.

I think New England has some of the best fall foliage.  My favorite colors are red, yellow and orange all displayed on the same tree.

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