Today I visited a beauty supply store and as I walked in the door I saw a huge display of Katie Perry nail polish.  I was surprised mostly because of the life size display of her body.  It looked very tacky.  Apparently she has released an entire line of new nail polish colors.  They range from pink to metallic.  There is one in particular that I was quite fond of.

There is one color called “shattered.”  It was really cool.  What happens is after you put a coat of any color nail polish on your nails and let it dry you then brush a coat of this color over it.  The color of this polish is black but the special feature is what happens magically after you put it on.  The black polish actually produces an automatic “shattered” look over each nail, so that your base color peaks through the shattered pieces.  The only problem was that that wanted like 10 dollars for it and personally, I didn’t love it that much!

Communicate Gap

It would have been a lot easier for me to understand what exactly it is that my niece Alice is wanting for her birthday if the email had said “a mouth piece for her saxophone”, instead of “a Vandoren Optimum Series Saxophone Ligature” which are the exact words that my sister wrote. I had asked her what her daughter Alice would want and appreciate for her 13th birthday that is coming up in the middle of July. Thirteen is a very hard age to buy for girls or boys.

There is such a big difference between the way that my sister and I communicate with the world. I am a whole lot more kicked back and straight forward, while she has a much larger vocabulary and has a blog that she has been working on since forever. Just by looking at her blog and then mine you wouldn’t even believe that we are related, much less know each other.

Anyway, back to the vandoren optimum sax. I found one online at the website. Now is a great time to get deals. Memorial Day is a heck of a holiday for consumers so I might as well jump on the bandwagon and save some hard earned $$$ as well.

mouth piece for sax

Vandoren Optimum Series Saxophone Ligatures

The Judge Is In The House

Today I was switching through television channels looking to just kill some time and landed on Judge Judy. I normally am not a fan of the Judge Judy show but today I was feeling like watching some drama.  Usually watching a drama type show can make me feel like my life is going pretty good.

One of the cases that was presented today in front of Judge Judy was the case of two best friend’s who drank too much and one of the friends threw a glass at the other busting a couple of his teeth including his two front teeth.  Judge Judy handled the case very well.  She said a few funny things to the two young gentlemen.  The plaintiff was asking for $5,000 for the repairs he is going to need on his teeth.

The defendant claims that they were all drunk and his friend was dancing on a picnic table when he threw the glass.  The defendant claims he was not aiming for his friend and thought that his friend was actually going to catch the glass but he didn’t.  The defendant had to pay a $500 fine and thought that that fine was enough.

Of course Judge Judy disagreed and state to the defendant that balls are meant for throwing, not glasses.  This was not before telling the plaintiff he has a drinking problem and his physical appearance shows it.  She stated that he ought to just image what he will look like at age 50 if at age 25 he looks like he has a drinking problem.  That was a valid point Judge Judge.

here come the judge

She Scares Me!

I Love This Band

Alabama is an older country band that I grew up with. This song reminds me of the days of summer long ago, when I had very little responsibility other then going to school. I think about summer fun and lots of BBQ’s and bonfires. I like to play these for my kids to hear and love as well as the music from today.

Bartolini Original Bass Series

It looks like the 5 string bass pickups that I have found are in the price range from just under $100 all the way up to $200, which to tell you the truth is lower than I expected. Most of the money that got back from Uncle Sam last month is long gone but I managed to keep a bit of it for when I found the perfect 5 string bass pickup online.

This particular one, a Bartolini Original Bass Series, is about mid range and I think it will work quite well for what I want and need it for. It will be great fun to find something good in the mailbox instead of the usual junk mail and the endless stream of bills that manage to find there way there on a regular basis. If I am not home when our mail carrier delivers it she will bring it all the way up the driveway and leave it by the door instead of down by the mailbox on the side of the road. Even though we live in the boonies things do go missing from time to time and our mail carrier does her best to keep that from happening to any of us.

bass pickup for 5 strings

Bartolini Original Bass Series 5-String Bass M4 Dual Coil Soapbar Bridge Pickup


Cinco De Mayo

On May the 5th every year everyone who needs an excuse to drink and have fun uses this Mexican holiday as an excuse. Add this to St Patrick’s Day and New Years Eve as days that I will not go out at all if I can help it. All of the armature drinkers are out and so are all of the cops looking to add to the DUI total for the day.

There is no need for all of this nonsense, I can celebrate on July 12th just as well and will not be in jail for DUI. I hope every one is safe today and when I get home from work I will be safe indoors.

Martha Stewart

Recently I was watching some old episodes of the Martha Stewart Living show. The one that I particularly enjoyed was the one where she featured animals that have been know to possess high IQ.  This was a fascinating segment.  I was surprised to see this type of topic on her show.  To my knowledge Martha Stewart rarely features animals on her shows.

During this particular segment she featured camels, parrots and multiple other animals found in Madagascar.  The animals featured from Madagascar were mostly from the Marsupial family.  The parrot featured was able to tell the differences between shapes and colors.  The part of the Marsupial family of animals that makes them super intelligent are their tails.  As for the camels I cannot recall what their “specialty” was.  All I recall from the camels was that the camels with one hump are from the Middle East while camels with two humps are traditionally found in China.

two humps between the two

Single Humpers