Nice Quality Teak Furniture For Mother’s Porch

As I promised my mother I would, I have been spending some time looking at various outside wood furniture that she is seriously considering purchasing when she gets her tax refund that is expected to be direct deposited into her checking out any day now. My mother has always been the first person to file her taxes each year, while I tend to put if off as long as I possibly can. Each year I promise myself that I will be more organized with all of the paperwork that we all accumulate throughout the year that we need for filing our Federal and State taxes with Uncle Sam.

With all of the options of filing online these past couple of years has been a great opportunity for people to tackle this yearly task. But try as you might to deal with less paperwork there will always be papers and a decent filing system can make or break a person, sigh….

Mother has always wanted some good quality teak wood front and side porch furniture. But with the winters being so long and hard where we live it is a commitment when purchasing outside furniture. You can’t just stick it outside and ignore some type of maintenance every now and then. Nothing can withstand Mother Nature 24/7, 365, year after year. It only makes sense to take care of something that you have spent a chunk of change on, so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. It seems a good cleaning for teak furniture tip is that a nice sealer can work wonders and teak wood is known for requiring less maintenance than most of the other wood types that are used for this type of outside furniture.

Fighting Kids

Oh today has been one of those days where the kids just cannot seems to get along. They are flat driving me up a wall. I have tried everything to get them to stop, but even sending them outside to play has not helped. The smallest one is very whiny and the older ones just keep antagonizing him. It is enough to drive a sane person completely nuts.

I am going to have to separate them soon, if for no other reason then to get some peace and quiet. I am even thinking of sending them to bed a little early. They are definitely not going to like that, as the weekends are when I allow them to stay up late. I do that for two reasons. The first reason is so that we can watch movies together and have our movie night. The second reason is so that they will sleep in a little longer and then I can sleep in longer as well. There is a method to my madness. Believe it. Now to go separate them again.

Got My Girl Scout Cookies Today

What a great surprise to come home and find my order of Girl Scout cookies were waiting on my porch. The girls and their mom must have spent all afternoon driving around town and delivering their cookie orders.

My favorite is the Samoas – they have chocolate and caramel and coconut. I try to only eat two each day, but they are very tempting. If I didn’t have any willpower I could easily eat the entire box in one night!

Samoas Cookies Are The Best

Girl Scout Cookies – My Favorite Samoa’s


While I was out in my future flower garden today I saw a hummingbird on my butterfly bush.  I could tell it was a female due to the nonexistent red throat.  She was amazing though.  I couldn’t help but wonder if she had some little baby hummingbirds waiting for her back at the nest.

Have you ever seen any pictures of hummingbird nests?  They are so tiny.  I personally haven’t seen one up close but I have seen multiple in nature periodicals.  Not only are the nests impressive but their eggs are nearly microscopic in size.  Again, really impressive.  These birds are miraculous and a jewel of nature.

small nest compared to house key

The Tiny Nest of A Hummingbird

Birds Talking Smack


I do not know why I think this is so funny, but it makes me laugh. I guess because there are always people who want to call other people names.

Sometimes I get into a spirited discussion – well, sometimes it is a full blown argument, I admit – and when someone starts calling names, that person who is calling names is the loser of that discussion.