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Pets Dying

Unfortunately part of being a loving pet owner, is losing them to death. It is like a part of your family, and a piece of your heart goes with them. One of the cats my Mother, “rescued”, meaning she snatched it off the street because she didn’t think it was safe with the family that had it, died this week.

He was run over by a car, and she has been very distraught. We all have, but none of us, but her had the courage to go scrape him off the road until today. Thankfully Little Uno is now buried, close to our house in the woods. We will miss you Uno, you will be missed.

Martha Stewart

Recently I was watching some old episodes of the Martha Stewart Living show. The one that I particularly enjoyed was the one where she featured animals that have been know to possess high IQ.  This was a fascinating segment.  I was surprised to see this type of topic on her show.  To my knowledge Martha Stewart rarely features animals on her shows.

During this particular segment she featured camels, parrots and multiple other animals found in Madagascar.  The animals featured from Madagascar were mostly from the Marsupial family.  The parrot featured was able to tell the differences between shapes and colors.  The part of the Marsupial family of animals that makes them super intelligent are their tails.  As for the camels I cannot recall what their “specialty” was.  All I recall from the camels was that the camels with one hump are from the Middle East while camels with two humps are traditionally found in China.

two humps between the two

Single Humpers

Swim Suit Blues

It seems that every year I do battle and a losing battle at that, against weight gain. I know that since I turned 30 it has been an uphill struggle and now that the swim suit season is here it has just become a all out war.

I have dedicated myself to losing weight and fitting into the same swim suit that I wore last year, lets hope that this is a battle that I win this year. The swim suit I wore last year is stunning and I want to be able to fit in it again, soon.

summer time, not fatty time

Keeping Fit For Bathing Suit



Yet Another Doctor Appointment Today

My littlest guy is sick AGAIN! I am taking him to the doctors in a couple of hours. I hope that whatever it is that keeps coming back on him can be found and fixed. He is just miserable. I hate it that he keeps getting sick. One week he is throwing up and the next it is a cold.

He never got sick like this until he started Kindergarten. Now it is all the time. I am not happy about it and seriously considering calling the school board about it. The people who clean the classrooms are not doing their jobs well enough, and they really need to have the kids either wash their hands after recess or give them hand sanitizer to use, considering they go to the lunchroom right after recess. All of the germs that are on the playground equipment that is shared with all the kids in the school are being taken with them to eat lunch, which is mainly finger foods. I will be making a few phone calls about this after I talk to the doctor.

germs are gross

Please Don’t Share Your Germs

Dating Happens For Free

happily dating online

Dating Happens!

Can’t believe Wendy met so many great guys on our ski trip and I came up empty. Although that lawyer from LA was really nice, he was very very married and I’m not going there!

While I’ve got clothes in the dryer, I thought I would surf the net for the online dating sites. Then I ran across a site that reviews all the popular ones and gives you the basic info so you can zero in on the right site to meet your own needs or interest. Each one has a different approach to the methods and the processes to find the right special someone.

I thought about reading through some profiles or ads on a personal ad services site tonight – just to see if anyone looked worth contacting and maybe getting to know a little better. Not all of these dating sites let you do that.

I ended up choosing I like that it is free, with no charges to send and/or to receive any messages sent. Being able to post Up to 30 photos on your profile page is a great plus as well. We’ll see how that works out! And I’ll keep you posted from time to time.

Mark Your House

There are certain things I think a house should have as part of being a responsible home owner. One of these things are house plaques. There are multiple reasons why I can think a home owner should invest in a house plaque. One of these main reasons is for emergency purposes. When a home owner has a medical emergency or some other type of emergency the personnel from the responding agencies must be able to find the home. This becomes a huge challenge when there is no mail box or numbers on the house. When emergency personnel cannot find the house with the emergency lives can be compromised and may even parish. This is why putting a house plaque on your home is so important.

Other options exist if the homeowner does not want to put a fancy house plaque on their home. Address numbers are much less expensive and still have the ability to save lives.  Address signs are another option. Either way this is a subject that should be given the time of day in order to prepare for any worse case scenario.

Nice Quality Teak Furniture For Mother’s Porch

As I promised my mother I would, I have been spending some time looking at various outside wood furniture that she is seriously considering purchasing when she gets her tax refund that is expected to be direct deposited into her checking out any day now. My mother has always been the first person to file her taxes each year, while I tend to put if off as long as I possibly can. Each year I promise myself that I will be more organized with all of the paperwork that we all accumulate throughout the year that we need for filing our Federal and State taxes with Uncle Sam.

With all of the options of filing online these past couple of years has been a great opportunity for people to tackle this yearly task. But try as you might to deal with less paperwork there will always be papers and a decent filing system can make or break a person, sigh….

Mother has always wanted some good quality teak wood front and side porch furniture. But with the winters being so long and hard where we live it is a commitment when purchasing outside furniture. You can’t just stick it outside and ignore some type of maintenance every now and then. Nothing can withstand Mother Nature 24/7, 365, year after year. It only makes sense to take care of something that you have spent a chunk of change on, so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. It seems a good cleaning for teak furniture tip is that a nice sealer can work wonders and teak wood is known for requiring less maintenance than most of the other wood types that are used for this type of outside furniture.