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Love and Marriage

Last night the news had an interesting segment about love and marriage in terms of the percentage of baby boomers who are now happily divorced.  The statistics did surprise me slightly.

The news report stated that 39% of people believe in not getting married.  The average age of men getting married currently is 28, while females average is 26.  Nearly 51% of marriages will end in divorce.  That is why most couples currently are waiting at least four years before walking down the aisle.

I was surprised most by the percentage of people not believing in marriage.  This must have multiple reasons behind it.  Like I mentioned earlier baby boomers, the oldest this year turning 65, most have already been married have decided that now all they want in a relationship is more of a friendship with no strings attached.  they are discovering that they are much happier not getting remarried.  In a way this is a shame.  Marriage traditionally was meant to be a good thing but unfortunately, with the state of the economy among other factors, marriage has transformed into another hassle/ complication that people are realizing they do not need in their lives.

Leaf Peeping

It’s that time of year to view beautiful fall leaves.  I like to take a fall foliage trip every year.  I have not yet decided where I would like to go but it will be in New England.

I think New England has some of the best fall foliage.  My favorite colors are red, yellow and orange all displayed on the same tree.

A Korg Microkorg

To be perfectly honest, I had absolutely no idea what a korg microkorg was, much less – where to find a good one at a decent price. I am glad I discovered The Guitar Center, which gave me many options and ideas to toss around before making a final decision. I mean really it’s on the middle of October. Christmas seems so far in the distant that I just can’t seem to get into the mood of thinking of anything that goes along with the holiday season.

I think if my two sisters pitch in as well we can purchase an affordable synthesizer for Jason for his birthday, which unfortunately falls on Christmas Eve. Poor kid gets robbed of his birthday every year no matter how hard anyone tries. He is a good kid and we want to make sure he gets a good gift this year. Being 13 is hard enough.

from guitar center

Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder (MICROKORG)

Cool Nights

As I went to work tonight the cool night air made me shiver. It was down in the low forties and breezy. Made for a cold night riding around with the window to the truck rolled down. I know it will warm up later on but it was plain cold last night, the first really cool night of the fall season and I know that we have many more to follow, It takes me a while to get used to the cold I am cold blooded so it takes me a while to get used to the cold weather when it starts. Looks like tomorrow will be about the same so it will be bundle up time for me for a day or two I guess.

cold nights

Cooler Weather


Today was our trash pick up day and we had a lot of trash bags filled with leaves and sticks from the last storm out at the curb. The trash had been out at the curb for 3 weeks and last week they picked up about half of it. I was very pleased when I left for work this morning that they had finally picked up the rest of the trash bags. Of course after 3 weeks they had killed the grass under them and it was a ugly mess of stuff that they did not pick up, sticks and paper but I can fix that, I am just very glad that the trash is now gone.